Jul 20, 2012

Russell Boyd interviewed for World Gaming Executive magazine!

Turn right now to page 15, if you are reading this blog then you want to know more about the fabulous director who makes some of the most astounding machinima movies around. Pooky got the opportunity to interview Russell and explore his remarkable in depth knowledge of this intriguing medium.  It is an interview well worth reading for its enlightening answers.

World Gaming Executives Magazine Issue 5

Jun 7, 2012

Film Festival Recognition for Time Travelers 4 – The Pattern

When a film is being crafted, we are so involved in the process and the many details that go into orchestrating the final production that the days when we submit our film to festivals seems way in the distance. It is never that far away though, and we have been waiting for some results to come to announce that we have gotten Time Travelers 4 into some awesome places.

Los Angeles Movie Awards - Awards in the animation category

Award of Excellence in Animation

Best Animated Characters

Best Voice-Over Rysan Fall as Sebastian

New Media Film Festival

Accepted in Digital Comics, Animation, Trailers and Machinima category.

FlipsideTV Film Festival

Finalist for June Festival

Blue Plum Animation Festival

Official Selection

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

Selected to be presented in FILE Machinima.

Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education

Winner Digital Storyteller

Film is for us the telling of a story in the best and brightest way we know how. We are thrilled that the painstakingly crafted films we do are also allowing us to transcend machinima categories and become accepted into animation ones.  We will always be doing machinima, we use game engine platforms to film on of course, yet we are expanding our work to lose a categorical definition which in some cases doesn't matter.  We make cartoon films and we do so with the highest standards.  Top quality filmmaking, editing, a terrific story, compelling characters, wonderful sound and great graphics is what make these films sing!

Stay tuned over the summer for more results, we just had to let you in on our good news!

Thank you to all who watch, comment and share because we are spreading the word of the great work that can be done with terrific talent. It is a new medium we are celebrating and one that fits into the genre of animation, we do it in real-time.

Mar 21, 2012

Slenquiring minds want to know...

The Second Life Enquirer interviewed Pooky Amsterdam recently! As an admirer of the publication, for their insight and forthright reporting on things we need to know, Pooky was really proud to be in this.

Please have a read and feel free to comment.

This is a stunning platform and moment in time for those of us who are digital to our virtual bones!

SL Enquirer - Spotlight on Pooky Amsterdam