Are you a Time Traveler?

What if you could Travel Through Time?

Would you Save the Future?


The Time Travelers tells the story about three young people and their fantastic journey through time to Save the Future from a marauding race of Smart Machines called Meks. It’s an award winning action adventure that takes place across the vastness of the universe and the dimensions of time and space. The show combines cutting edge science with complex characters and fabulous animation.

Time Travelers was conceived by Dr. James Canton, the leading futurist, author and the CEO, Institute for Global Futures, who wanted to create a film series that would appeal to young people about the advances in science and the future of technology. “We need new ways to teach science by using compelling stories to solve problems - like saving the future.” Canton was the executive producer and a screenwriter on the production.
The Director, Russell Boyd, known for his work in virtual world and flight simulation animations, also brought his academic and engineering experience to this production. The story is complex and challenging which required all these skills as a director to turn ideas into reality.  “This has been one of the most innovative productions I have directed. While the story is fiction, the visions of the future may well be fact and this was a wonderful challenge to try and incorporate.”
Pooky Amsterdam is a well known producer and leading innovator of virtual world television experiences including the acclaimed sci/tech "Quiz Show to The Stars" known as The 1st Question and her award winning machinima. She has brought together a unique collection of animators, actors and virtual assets to create Time Travelers. "This was an extraordinary production, because we pushed the boundaries at every level for what we can accomplish in animation using a game engine."

The program combines a number of scientific concepts such as time travel, parallel universes, nanobots and artificial intelligence.  Time Travelers explores nanoscience, quantum physics, geo-intelligence, genomics and neuroscience as the high tech background of the series.

It challenges the audience to think about the role increasingly Smart Machines play in our world. Time Travelers theme is whose future will we have? Will this be a future run by Smart Machines or by humans? What happens when smart Machines are smarter than humans?

Time Travelers is produced by a unique animated technique called Machinima, originally developed at Disney. The use of Second Life, the virtual world graphics platform has played an essential role in being able to create CGI-like animation.