Mariah is a natural leader, smart and cunning, though shy when young she has grown into her personal power as a young lady. When the series began this high school student was dreaming of working at NASA and studying astrophysics someday. A bit bored with life she was looking for some adventure and now she finds it. She discovers the Time Machine through a secret tunnel in her garage. And she jumps at the chance to time trough time, "Who wants to live forever?" she says with the thrill of adventure in her eyes. After being given the enigmatic Orb to wear and protect, Mariah becomes a target for those who launch a sinister global plot to steal humanity’s future. Having to deal with parallel worlds, battling androids and time traveling friends she heads into the unknown. She is fearless as she leads her friends on a dangerous mission where the future of the universe and humanity is at stake.


Sofia was the type of person that it was easy to get into trouble given her battle over authority. This didn’t make her popular with teachers or anyone that wanted to push her around. Her hard-scrapple upbringing taught her to question authority and keep an eye out for herself. She is untrusting though curious. She trusts her fellow Time Travelers. She questions everything and everyone. Sofia’s adventures have forced her to change; to step up her game and take chances she never would have before. Thrown into a world she didn’t ask for, she aligns with the rest of the team and becomes both a good shot with the laser weapons and a trusted team member.


Trevor is a young person thrust into a wild world of strange technology, weird beings from the future and of course having to deal with time travel as a reality. He understands that they are on an epic journey to Save the Future for humanity, he matures up fast when he realizes what’s at stake and the awesome responsibility thrust upon him. Our video game loving Trevor leaves behind the games when he realizes what’s at stake and why his expertise is needed. He has known Mariah & Sofia seemingly forever and now their futures are linked.


Sebastian is an advanced artificial intelligence, a Class Five AI. He serves humanity, not the rogue Smart Machines, the Meks, that are his enemies. Sebastian is a quantum mechanical synthetic being created by the Guardians, an advanced race of benevolent Smart Machines from the future. His unique talent is that he can travel through time. He embodies the concept that for an AI to be truly great, it must also help humanity evolve and meet the challenges of the future. Sebastian is the protector of humanity. He comes from the far future of the 26th century. Sebastian convinces our heroes to Save the Future, that’s his purpose. He has an arsenal of wisdom, innovative tech, weapons and Time Travel tech and most of all insights into the physics of time and human/computer Smart Machine evolution. Plus he loves his dog.


Zanzibar was created by the Guardians, an advanced neuro-morphic race of AI’s who can self-evolve and are STH, smarter then humans. When a rogue program, an AlgoBot, corrupts these Smart Machines, the Guardians are turned into Meks, another synthetic species, jealous of humans. He evolves in dangerous ways, believing himself to be the great superior of humanity. Zanzibar is intent on destroying humanity. He is in a race for whose future - his or humanity’s, will survive the epic battle.


When evil gets lonely, it gets creative. She was made to be a feminine version of Zanzibar with the expectation that an evolved AI system would help in stopping the Time Travelers. She is a weapon from the future, deadly and clever, destined to stop humanity and stopping the Time Travelers at any cost. She was programmed to assist the upcoming takeover by the Meks; she has no understanding of what people really are, thinking of them as meat based machines only. Deep frying them would be too good.