Episode 6 - Baby Universe

The final episode - for now, brings together our Time Travelers and the Meks, with Zanzibar’s capture of Mariah. We will experience what the Time Travelers, with the help of the advanced AI Sebastian must do to stop the Meks and their leader using every resource in their power. The opening of the Baby Universe becomes a trap. Whose future will win out, are we running out of time to Save the Future?

Episode 5 - Quantum Entangled

The Time Travelers must fight to escape the dangerous Meks as they plot to end humanity. As they jump through time and again meet their future selves, the danger escalates around Time Travelers as they continue to unlock the dangers and mysteries of their quest. Game on!

Episode 4 - The Pattern

What happens in the Future has its origins in the Present. The Time Travelers learn the story behind The Pattern, why they have been called and see the choices that humanity needs them to make in this exciting next episode of our futuristic series.

Episode 3 - Frontlines of Tomorrow

The true dangers become fully understood by our Time Travelers as they unlock the mysteries of parallel worlds and their ability to Time Jump just ahead of their adversaries led by Zanzibar and helped by Sebastian.

Episode 2 - The Future Will See You Now

The Time Travelers discover the awesome responsibilities thrust upon them as they struggle to comprehend a challenge to save humanity from an unimaginable battle for whose future reality will prevail.

Episode 1 - The Time Machine

Time machines. Battling robots. A mysterious plot unfolds. Ready for the future? Follow the adventures of Mariah, Trevor & Sofia and find out what's next as this epic battle begins.