Future Worlds from the Time Travelers

As the series is about time travel what follows is an overview of the different worlds and futures that our Time Travelers encounter in their quest to Save the Future. Keep in mind that multiple universe theory suggests that replica and parallel worlds can co-exist at the same time.

The Positive Future

2040: The Time Travelers Meet their Future Selves

Time Traveling into the distant future, the teens meet their older selves. They each have grown into a formidable force with interests and accomplishments in astrophysics, renewable energy, nano-biology and media entertainment. Technology has enabled great social and scientific advances but we are at a turning point, if we are to resist the Mek takeover of our timeline and save the future for humanity, we have to combine forces.

2125: Smart Machines Help Build a Prosperous Future for Humanity

Humans with the help of Smart Machines, the Guardians, have ended poverty, war, increased education, health and longevity. Humanity is traveling off world into space, inventing new drugs, clean energy and the world is at peace. This vision is opposite from the dystopian future orchestrated by the Meks and Mind Controllers.

2150: The Far Future: Humans Win

Finally this is the future where humanity, with the help from our Time Travelers, defeats the Meks and restores order. This time stream is where the grand challenges have been achieved by post-singularity humans and super computers all working together, in a positive co-evolution of tech and humanity, to help the planet survive and thrive, where technology and humans collaborate for a better world. This is the positive cool future where humans win and technology helps, not controls the future.

The Dark Future

2060: The Alternative Future Where the Meks Rule

The systematic attack on humanity by the Meks was when Smart Machines became not just self-aware but their moral judgment was damaged. Once moral judgment was eliminated, the Meks programed their sentience to focus on survival, not serving humanity. In a parallel universe of replica futures, this future is what the Time Travelers are fighting to change.

2130: Survival of the Smartest—The Meks' Future

Mek Mind Control creates The New Reality, where Meks rule over humans. Humans become irrelevant, eventually the Meks spread out over the galaxy with their understanding that humans are inferior, dumb carbon in flesh, not evolving like the Meks who are superior in intelligence and have a different vision of the future, the Mek future not ruled by humanity.